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Outrageously Offensive Outfits

Keep it rude.

Rude Monster Apparel was founded on the belief that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously. 

See how we keep it rude.

I’ve come across quite a few clothing brands in my line of work and I must say, a lot of them are unfortunately identical. Everyone wants to have their own clothing brand. But, very few are willing to push the boundaries and be creative in their own way.

Rude Monster Apparel is not one of those brands. They truly stand out with their “catchy” and “edgy” humorous clothing slogans as well as their large selection of styles. Normally, I find this fashion style a bit corny. But Rude Monster Apparel is apparently the exception. I find some of their designs not only hilarious but some of them are extremely and uniquely creative! They seem to cater well to the “darker” side of fashion. Having an entire page dedicated to “Horror” themed shirts. With over 100 designs just in that category, they really do have one of the largest selections I’ve encountered.

Something For Every Occasion

Rude Monster Apparel also has a page for Christmas themed t-shirts! While going through nearly 100 of these designs, I was laughing my ass off. With slogans like “Santa doesn’t believe in you either.” And “Why is Santa’s sack so big? Because he only comes once a year.”, the list goes on and on. You’ll be the Christmas light of the party at your family gathering with one of these shirts.

Catering To Any Style

Are you a member of the LGBTQ+ community? Well they’ve even got something for you to express yourself with! There’s over 25 hilarious and adorable designs that will have your friends asking, “Where did you get that?”. What better way to break the ice with someone than with a comical shirt that also promotes a statement!

My Top Picks

Are you a fan of mythical horror? This “Cthulhu D20” is hands down my favorite shirt. I’ve always found the lore of Cthulhu interesting. And plus, look how badass he is! This shirt perfectly fits my style. And with this unique design, no one will have the same shirt!

The “Skull, Flower & Butterfly” design is very nostalgic for me. It reminds me of my favorite hoodie when I was a teenager. Regardless, you’ll love this trippy design. Representing the dichotomy of the beauty of life crossing over into the darkness of death; this design is truly incredible. The artist behind this one tapped into something special with this one.

The 7 deadly sins. In its own interesting way, this shirt depicts the forbidden and unholy. Yet somehow by doing so, exhibits bad ass energy. Wearing this design is a good reminder of how to live and how not to live. Having a daily reminder can be important for us all. By depicting common sins of the mortal man, this shirt oddly manifests a unique sense of style.

Who doesn’t love Yogi Bear? This childhood icon breathes nostalgia and sweats humor. I gotta say, it’s not easy picking favorites from this brand. But when I saw Yogi Bear, I knew I HAD to have it. Which is exactly why I ordered myself one!

Are you sick of people disrespecting your personal space? This is DEFINITELY the shirt for you. There’s really not much I have to say about this one. It’s funny, edgy, original and stylish.

Keep it rude.

Rude Monster Apparel was founded on the belief that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously. 

Rude Monster Apparel seems to have an endless supply of original ideas. With their ever increasing inventory, keep an eye out for new designs. You can even sign up for his newsletter so you can stay up to date on new releases. Whether you’re looking for a new way to express yourself or just looking for some new threads, shop Rude.

-Alex Zangara

Thursday, November 17th, 2022

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